Match Report

Match:  Pibworth Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Hurston Tench Pond
Winner:  Mike Kitchener
Runner Up:  Steve Speller
Third:  Mick Greenway


Seven anglers turned up for the second leg of the Pibworth Cup held on the Tench Lake at Hurston. It was raining when I left home in Worthing and this decreased to a drizzle coming through Storrington before stopping as I got to Hurston. In the end the match was fished in the dry. On the way home it started raining again so we were very fortunate to stay dry.

There was a lot of surface weed on the Tench Lake with seven of the fishable swims being chosen for the match. These consisted of two on the road side, one of the disabled swims on the end and the rest on the stream side. On the previous Monday it had rained all day and this may have put off the fish as there was a noticeable absence of the normal rudd showing on the surface. The match was ended at 9pm with the grey overcast conditions. Again the golden peg was not won.

Mike Kitchener was in first place fishing peg 3 on the road side. He caught one carp, four tench with the odd rudd on the pole to weigh in 9-3-0. Mike spotted bubbles coming up from a small hole in the surface weed to his left. He dropped a double red maggot bait into this hole and promptly caught the carp which proceeded to plough through the surface weed. Mike finally landed the carp along with a very large amount of weed. The carp has stirred up this area and Mike caught several tench from the same area.

In second place was Steve speller who was fishing peg 9 on the stream side. Steve used the pole to catch 6 tench weighing 8-2-8. He caught the first tench weighing 5-1-0 on meat in the first half hour and supplemented this with smaller tench caught on the pellet.

Mick Greenway was in third place with two tench and a rudd weighing 2-9-0. Fishing peg 2 at the end of the lake, Mick was using the pole with double dead red maggot as hook bait and had only caught one rudd up to last hour of the match when he managed to catch two tench.

Overall Steve Speller is in first place after two legs of the Pibworth Cup with 17 points following by Keith Hughes and Mick Greenway both with 14 points.