Match Report

Match:  Pibworth Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Steve Pentecost
Runner Up:  Colin Bridger
Third:  Vince Herringshaw


The third leg of the Pibworth Trophy was fished at The Granary on yet another warm dry but overcast night. These conditions had also brought out the midges which were a pain all night.There were a lot of carp moving around the lake in which the weed has not died back over the winter- if anything it has spread more.the anglers were pegged along the golf course and dip side and included a new swim that had been cut in the corner.

In first place,with a bit more luck than in his first match with us, was Steve Pentecost who used the feeder to catch 5 carp and a waggler to catch rudd. He weighed in 24-7-0 to easily win the match and also taking the Golden Peg money. Interesting he was casting his feeder into the weed if it managed to get through the weed he got a bite if it stuck on the weed he got a liner. Steve was fishing the last but one furthest swim on the golf course side.
Steve was an easy winner of the 3rd Leg

Steve was an easy winner of the 3rd Leg

In second place was Colin Bridger who was fishing the second swim along on the golf course side and used the feeder to catch 2 carp weighing 6-13-0.

Vince Herringshaw, fishing the new swim was perfecting his paste technique but spend most of the night being pestered by rudd. However he managed to get one carp out weighing 5-4-0 to take third place.

After three legs of the Pibworth Trophy Colin Bridger,with 26 points, leads from Steve Pentecost with 20 points.