Match Report

Match:  Pibworth Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Phil Tubb
Runner Up:  Cody Hughes
Third:  Mick Greenway


This was the last match of the Stillwater evening series and was fished on an overcast although still warm night. There was a strong wind which did lower the temperature. The anglers were equally split between the two main banks of the Granary. This year the weed did not die back in the winter and in fact continued to grow during the summer so providing good cover for the carp and also a refuge when they are hooked. Unlike the last match at the Granary the fish were not showing on the surface. Catches consisted of carp and also rudd, which seem to have grown in size and it is amazing the size of meat or paste that they can consume.

In first place fishing on the non Golf course bank was Phil Tubb who used paste on the long pole to take 4 carp weighing 21-10-8.

Second place was taken by Cody Hughes who was fishing the golf course bank and caught 2 carp plus rudd to weigh in 11-6-0. Cody used the long pole with meat or paste to catch his fish.
Young Cody proudly displays one of his carp

Young Cody proudly displays one of his carp

Mick Greenway, who was on the golden peg was struggling and kept losing fish – it is amazing how far a carp can go even on red hydrolastic. However in the last hour he caught 3 to finish just behind Cody with 11-0-0. He used paste on the long pole and was fishing on the non Golf course bank.

After the four legs of the stillwater series for the Pibworth Cup Colin Bridger (30 points) was the overall winner from Keith Hughes (26 points)