Match Report

Match:  Pole Only 1
Venue:  Stemps Pond
Winner:  Mick Greenway
Runner Up:  Graham White
Third:  Barry Meller


This match was due to take place on Cart but when we got to the lake most of it was frozen solid. With the pegs at the southern end of Stemps being ice free and no other members on the lake we decided to fish this lake. The water was gin clear and you could see the bottom right the way across the lake. As a pole only match we knew it was going to be hard. It was Mick fishing in peg 8 who had a few very small Roach on punch in the margin after about 2 hours and that gave everybody hope of a few bites but this was not the turning point, anyway in the last hour things did improve with everyone catching small Roach in the margins.

At the end of the match we walked around the lake and all the fish were balled up between pegs 15 & 1 and at the end of the island between 1&2 the areas that had all been iced over at the start of the day!