Match Report

Match:  Pole Only 1
Venue:  Hurston Middle Pond
Winner:  M Greenway
13 - 4 - 0
Runner Up:  K Hughes
3 - 14 - 0
Third:  S Simmonds
1 - 11 - 0


This was by way of a bit of an experiment, and like all experiments you don’t always get the results you want.
Most of us started with a few silver fish and were quite encouraged so put a bit of feed in and that seemed to turn the fish right off for some reason and you had to wait a considerable time to get any further bites.
Mick Greenway was at the top end of the pond and was able to reach the fallen tree with his pole and had all his success in this area, the bulk of his weight was three Carp but he also had a proper Bream although he reckoned it was a skimmer (It is an interesting debate, when does a skimmer become a Bream?). Anyway this was more than enough to comfortable cruise the match with 13lb 4oz.
Meanwhile Keith Hughes had a few bits and pieces and then decided to tackle the far bank with 16 metres of pole, he had a few bites but found it virtually impossible to control the fish at that distance, he did eventually get one out and with his bits had a total weight of 3lb 14oz for second place.
Steve Simmonds decided to try inside lines for the carp and fed both sides, this resulted in a small Perch from each spot but not a sign of a Carp, the rest of his fish, mainly Rudd were from all over fishing a three metres whip line to and 11 metre pole line and just about everything in between but 1lb 11oz was sufficient for third place.