Match Report

Match:  Pole Only 1st Leg
Venue:  Stemps
Winner:  Keith Hughes
10 - 5 - 4
Runner Up:  Andy May
10 - 2 - 8
Third:  Vince Herringshaw
8 - 10 - 8


The first leg of the Pole Only competition was held on Stemps. There was an overnight frost and this made it easy getting across to the fishery. It is noticeable that the wood chippings seemed to have rotted down both on the path at Stemps and also at Hurston.

We tried something different this time with the draw – taking out the poorer pegs (3, 4, 11 and 12) and then allowing the 6 anglers who turned up to draw from the remaining 11 pegs. It was interesting that the four main carp pegs (1, 2, 14 and 15) all came out in the draw. The temperature on the day was not as mild as experienced in earlier matches and there was also a cold wind.

On the silverfish front it was a hard match for most anglers although Ray Huskisson (peg 2) had a nice hybrid and Kitch (peg 14) had 8 pounds of roach and skimmers on the whip.Keith Hughes, fishing on Peg15 had 3 carp and this coupled with under a pound of silverfish weighed 10 – 5 – 4 to win the match. Keith caught the carp close to the brambles to the right of his swim.

In second place was new member Andy May who was on Peg 1, which was also the Golden Peg. He caught 3 carp and some silverfish to weigh in 10 – 2 – 8.

Keith found some better carp Andy came a close second from Golden Peg 1
Well done to Andy (above right) fishing his first match, he came a very close second to Keith

Vince Herringshaw was on Peg 8 and caught a pound of silverfish on his trusty whip and these coupled with 2 carp caught on pellet from the margin weighed 8 – 10 –  8 to take third place.

Vince with his third place carp bag Kitch with his excellent bag of roach and skimmers
Vince’s third spot was nearly beaten by Kitch’s excellent bag of silvers