Match Report

Match:  Pole Only 2nd Leg
Venue:  Cart Pond
Winner:  S Simmonds
3 - 8 - 8
Runner Up:  J Sheppard
2 - 8 - 8
Third:  K Hughes
2 - 4 - 8


Ten anglers fished the re-arranged 2nd leg of the pole only on Cart pond and the first thing to report is that I managed to remain dry this time round! The second thing is the angler that should have won the match (John Williams) found the lure of the bar maids apron to great and put back what would probably have made up the winning weight from peg 23 (it certainly would have been if he had carried on catching as he had been doing) and disappeared to the pub with an hour or so to go.

Steve Simmonds took advantage of this from peg 24 and put together a mixed bag of roach and skimmers caught on the whip and pole weighing in at 3 – 8 – 8 to take first place. After John had left Steve fished a light line to the island, a tactic that John had been using and this accounted for a run of fish in the last hour that certainly guaranteed his winning weight.

John Sheppard drew peg 16 which is renowned for being a carp peg, but John was not really equipped to handle them, so instead he targeted the silver fish and put together a net of 2 – 8 – 8 for second place.

Keith was drawn on peg 28 round the back of the pond and caught fish short and at distance and was just behind John with 2 – 4 – 8 for third place.

With a win and a second place each John S and Steve S were tied on points after the two match series, but with 8 oz more weight over the two matches Steve S was the overall winner.