Match Report

Match:  Presidents Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Bernies Match Lake
Winner:  Steve Simmonds
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
Third:  Colin Bridger


Unusually for Bernies this was a fine sunny day, as normally at some point at this venue we have rain. In fact it was too hot and only the smaller carp fed with the larger carp noticeable by their absence. As per usual for matches at this venue the four corner pegs were left out and the anglers were then equally split between the two banks.

In first place was Steve Simmonds, fishing his first competition of the season, who was on the end peg, closest to the new car park, on the solar farm side. Steve caught 8lb of silver fish on the whip and these with 5 carp weighed 22-5-8. Steve caught 2 carp on the pole fishing the main track and 3 using the pellet cone.

Steve's Carp
Steve's silverfish
Steve above with the Carp and siverfish that netted him first place

In second place, on the other bank fishing almost opposite Steve, was Keith Hughes who caught 4 carp (1 on feeder, rest on pole) and 6lb of silverfish to weigh in 14-13-0.

Colin Bridger was fishing along from Keith and caught 6 carp on the feeder plus 6lb of silverfish to weigh in 12-6-0.

Young Cody Hughes persevered on his whip, he caught 1 carp and 9lb of silverfish and was unlucky not to frame. It also showed the potential for silverfish catches at this venue.

After two legs of the Presidents Cup Keith Hughes and Gary Collins are both on 16 points.