Match Report

Match:  Presidents Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  Passies Main Lake
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
Third:  Paul Ward


The third leg of the Presidents Cup was held on the Passies Main Lake. In the week before the match the temperature had gone up and down and there had been a lot of rain. This put the fish off and the catches were not as good as expected. The lake was very high and some of the pegs were under water.

We seem fated with the weather when we fish at Passies with high winds and rain. This match was no different and although we did not have the very strong winds of the previous match there the wind was still strong. It started out blowing from the south (blowing from the backs of most of the anglers) and then swung round to the west blowing from the side or into the faces of the anglers. The strength of the wind made pole fishing difficult and several fish were blown off the hook.

Ten anglers booked and they were pegged around the south east corner of the lake. Catches were mainly roach and skimmers with some good sized bream and perch.Vince Herringshaw was in first place and was fishing on the south bank. He caught skimmers and one bream weighing 13 – 0 –  12. He spend the first couple of hours fishing a feeder with a locslide float and only caught a few fish in this way. It was when he switched to fishing the long pole that he picked up the majority of his fish.

In second place was Keith Hughes who was fishing the end peg close to the pylon. He caught skimmers, roach, bream, 2 good sized perch and an eel weighing 11 – 8 – 12. They were all caught on the long pole either fishing in the margins or at 13 metres.

Vince with his winning bag from Passies
Another victory for reigning Club Champ Vince
Keith had a couple of nice Perch at Passies
Keith had a couple of decent Perch

Fishing next to Vince was Paul Ward who caught a bream and skimmers weighing 9 – 12 – 8 to take third place.

The overall winner of the Presidents Cup was Mike Kitchener with 26 points from Vince Herringshaw with 22 points.