Match Report

Match:  Presidents Cup 4th Leg
Venue:  Passies Match Lake
Winner:  Keith Hughes
20 Points
Runner Up:  Steve Simmonds
16 Points
Third:  Mike Kitchener
15 Points


This was the fourth and final leg of the Presidents Cup with all matches being held on commercial fisheries with this leg held on the bunker straight at Passies Match Lake. Unfortunately again we were not blessed with the best of weather. There had been rain in the previous week and overnight there was rain and low temperatures.

The weather forecast was not as bad as first predicted but it did rain for most of the match and the temperature stayed around 5 degrees rather than warming up as predicted. The wind was very gusty and for most of the match came onto the anglers’s backs but still gave problems with umbrellas. This match was fished as two separate matches – a carp match and a silverfish match.

The silverfish seemed to be absent from the early pegs by the car park and were only caught in any numbers from the peg before the bunker and the ones after the bunker. A cormorant appeared in the first peg by the car park right over where groundbait had been put in – not surprisingly no silver fish were caught in this peg. There were only odd F1s and carp (5 in total) caught along the whole of the match length.

Silverfish Match

Keith Hughes 8-7-8

Vince Herringshaw 5-11-0

Colin Bridger 5-10-8

Keith Hughes was fishing one peg back from the far corner and caught 8-7-8 of mainly skimmers and bream on the pole to easily win this section.

Second place went to Vince Herringshaw who was fishing two pegs down from Keith and caught 5-11-0 of roach and skimmers.

Very close behind was Colin Bridger, fishing two pegs down from the bunker with 5-10-8 of roach and skimmers. He caught most of his close in to his keepnets.

Carp Match

There was a tie for first place in this section of the match with both anglers weighing in 4-1-8. Keith Hughes caught his carp on his silverfish line. Mike Kitchener was fishing on the second peg down from the car park bridge and used a feeder, fished over the far side, to catch a mirror carp and an F1 for 4-1-8.

In second place was Steve Simmonds who caught a 3-0-0 F1 on his trusty whip.

Third place in this section of the match was taken by Glen Riley with a single F1 weighing 2-6-8.

Overall the match was won by Keith Hughes with two wins (20 points) from Steve Simmonds on 16 points.

After four legs the President Cup was won by Keith Hughes with 34 points from Gary Collins with 26 points.