Match Report

Match:  Ransome Cup
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  D Hurley
21 - 5 - 0
Runner Up:  V Herringshaw
12 - 11 - 0
Third:  D Shrubb
9 - 4 - 0


We were expecting the odd shower at Petworth Park but not persistent and sometimes heavy rain for the first three hours of the match. It started just as we were finishing the pegging and there is nothing worse than doing the draw and then setting up in the rain. It is particularly annoying have decided to strip down and not carry quite as much as normal to find that you have left your brolly arm at home. Then at the end of the match Glen informs you that he had a spare that you could have borrowed. No matter how careful you are at sometime or other in these circumstances your pinkies are going to get wet and then it is amazing quite how far they get – I had them everywhere apart from where I wanted them!

We put in a couple of pegs behind the islands, this area has fished well this season but both John and Steve really struggled this time. Along the road bank virtually everyone had a bream but it was difficult to really keep the fish going.

Dennis Hurley was on the last peg on the road bank and he stuck on the feeder all day. Although it took a while for the fish to come he ended up with 6 bream (the best a fish of 5 – 6) and a few bits for 21 – 5 – 0 to record his first win in one of our club matches – Well done Dennis!
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Dennis with the Bream that won him his first Club Trophy

Vince drew peg 2 and he likes fishing the top end of the lake, he alternated between the pole and feeder and had an excellent mixed bag including a couple of good crucians, tench, bream and bits for 12 – 11 – 0 and 2nd place.
Copyright Petworth and Bognor Angling Club West Sussex

Vince in the frame as usual with this mixed bag.

Dick Shrubb was just by the concrete block and from three bites he had 2 fish, both good sized bream which together weighed 9 – 4 – 0, good enough for 3rd place.