Match Report

Match:  Ransome Cup
Venue:  Watersfield
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
13 - 13 - 0
Runner Up:  Steve Jeffery
5 - 4 - 0
Third:  Steve Simmonds
2 - 2 - 0


This match was to have been combined with a friendly against Rother AC, however due to a mix up in the fixtures they could not attend. I don’t suppose they were too disappointed because the weather was pretty awful with heavy rain and gusty winds. It did mean though that those who were brave enough to turn up were able to fish along the top stretch which meant everybody had a short walk for a change.

Vince Herringshaw, drawn on favoured peg one, next to the upstream fence started catching roach slowly on the stick float. Changing to a lollipop float, on the pole, vince managed to hook a bream which he had on for a while before it managed to slip the hook. A further change to conventional pole float resulted in some more roach and two proper bream. These two bream and the bits were more than enough for first place.

Second was Steve Jeffery who drew peg six, which was situated just above the reeds in what is known as the mint swim, as the freshwater mint is very abundant there. Steve started on a conventional pole float and started to catch roach every put in for about an hour. He then lost what he thought was a bream and it seemed to kill the swim for a while. A change to a lollipop rig, where the rig can be slowed right down, seemed to spur the roach in to feeding once more and kept catching roach albeit small ones until the end of the match.

At the match was Steve Simmonds, on his return to the match scene after breaking his ankle just after Christmas. Steve managed to put together a net of small roach on the pole for third place.