Match Report

Match:  Ransome Cup
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway


Only five anglers turned up for the match on a wet and cold day at Hurston Match Pond. The omens were not good with the drop in temperature coupled with the lake being very clear. Also when the anglers walked around the lake to decide where to put the pegs, a skimmer bream was found on the bank – a likely mink victim. As expected the match was very hard with only 2 anglers catching fish with the other 3 not even getting a bite amongst them

Vince Herringshaw was fishing on the first platform on the stream side. He had not had a bite up to 1-30pm when his light pole gear was trashed by a carp which ploughed through the lilies in his swim. Vince changed to his margin pole and caught 4 carp, including one of close to 10 pounds, on maggot to easily win the match with 19-14-8.

Mick Greenway was fishing on the road side and was leading the match for a long period of time with a perch, a roach and a 2 pound bream. These fish weighed 2-2-0 and were caught on the pole using pinkie as bait.