Match Report

Match:  Ranson Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Phil Tubb
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
Third:  Cody Hughes


I did not fish this match as I had gone to watch Brighton play Southampton so would like to thank Keith for running the match and providing a match report. Unfortunately the temperature had dropped over the previous couple of nights and this causes the fishing to shut down with half of the anglers not weighing in.

The first Match after the clocks changed and every one had changed their clocks and got there on time. At the draw we had light rain and every one was thinking about heading back to the car for a brolly but it soon stopped and the sky cleared and it turn into a bright day if not a little colder than it had been. It looked like it was going to be hard with no wind and the water a little cold.

Light feeding coupled with light gear saw some of the anglers starting to see a few bites. The highlight of the day for young Cody Hughes was having a deer jump over the stream behind him and start eating from the bushes along the back bank by the field before jumping back and heading off into the wood.

Phil Tubb from Peg 10 won with 3 small carp, one tench and some perch on the long pole for 9-4-8

Keith Hughes in Peg 7 was 2nd with 2 carp and a bag of small roach on the pole down the middle of the lake for 8-5-0

Cody Hughes was third with one carp and small roach down the edge for 5-0-8, He also lost one of the large common Carp that are in the lake which would have won him the match