Match Report

Match:  Ranson Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Abandoned
Runner Up:  


The anglers arrived for the second leg of the Ranson Cup to find the Match Lake, along with other lakes frozen over. It was decided to peg all the anglers along the river side and the ice was broken using the boat. The ice on the road side was also broken but it was noticeable that it was much thicker on that side, as it is very much in the shade and was very cold.

Despite our best efforts the match was abandonded

The match was started and no bites were forthcoming so after a couple of hours the match was abandoned. In a lot of swims the ice had started to form again. We are up at Hurston again in February so hope that the conditions are milder plus some more silverfish have been introduced into this fishery. So by virtue of winning the first leg Vince Herringshaw takes the Ranson Cup.