Match Report

Match:  River 2
Venue:  Shopham Up and Down
Winner:  Alan Murphy
4 - 0 - 4
Runner Up:  Steve Simmonds
3 - 14 - 4
Third:  Ron Elms
1 - 11 - 8


Another warm evening on the Rother and if possible the levels were even lower than the previously, although we had a bit of rain during the morning it was not enough to have any affect on the river. We really need a couple of good downpours and even then the river is only likely to come up and go back down again over a couple of days.

Alan Murphy drew one and although new to the river knew exactly where he was heading and made for the Burton Mill swim. It was good to see the Elm’s on the water again and Duncan drew two and decided to go to the first trotting swim below the bridge, while Ron opted for the short walk and fished the Ray’s swim on the bridge. Prior to the match we had trimmed some of the plants back which were growing out from the bridge which should have made casting easier. Drawing the last number Steve Penticost decided on a hike down to the first of the new pegs which is on the big bend after the riffles. This had been cut by Steve Grey and his team at the recent work party and many years ago was a spot favoured by the likes of Les Heath who always reckoned it would produce a couple of Chub.

Alan deciding on the Burton Mill swim paid off and he had a reasonable net of better dace with a few other species as well and 4lb 0oz 4dm was good for first place.

Steve Simmonds went to the beach at the top of the stretch and found three small Chub (between 8oz and 12oz) which are good to see, these along with some Dace a reasonable Perch and a Rudd gave a total of 3lb 14oz 4dm for second place.

Even though we had cleared the vegetation from the bridge Ron found himself in the trees quite regularly however when he did get a bait in the water he did have a Chub of 1lb 11oz 8dm to secure third place.

We did manage to find Steve P and weigh him in before we lost the light, no Chub but a promising looking swim – well done to Steve Grey and his team.