Match Report

Match:  River 2
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  Ron Elms
7 - 1 - 8
Runner Up:  Steve Simmonds
1 - 9 - 4
Third:  Richard Garnham
1 - 1 - 4


Well we were very surprised by the pace and height of the river. It was around 2 foot higher than normal and really pushing through, although it had dropped by about 2 feet during the day and actually dropped another 4 inches or so during the match.
The match was a walk off and those that drew one and two decided to take two of the pegs in the fence.
Drawing number three Ron Elms decided on the shortest walk and selected the cattle drink, although there was no ‘beach’ on the inside. Ron fished a feeder with worm on the hook to the far bank trees and had a good Bream an Eel and a few bits and pieces for his 7lb 1oz 8dm to easily win the match, in fact his bream was probably big enough to beat the rest of the anglers combined.
Steve Simmonds spotted a far bank slack behind some trees a couple of pegs back from ‘Chris’s swim’ and felt that he could possibly trot the crease between this and the fast water down the middle. This did not produce anything of significance but a change to a block end feeder in the flow produced a few Dace for 1lb 9oz 4dm to secure second place.
Richard Garnham had already mentally earmarked the confluence swim although the normal spot you would fish this from was under water. Drawing number four this was still not taken, so he was happy. Unfortunately the swim only produced a few bits and pieces along with one trout (which was not eligible) but 1lb 1oz 4dm was enough for third place.
The two pegs in the fence did not produce much except for one good trout which was not weighed.