Match Report

Match:  River Evening 1
Venue:  Fittleworth
Winner:  Steve Simmonds
2 - 0 - 0
Runner Up:  Richard Leduc
1 - 6 - 0
Third:  Graham White
1 - 2 - 0


A funny evening weather wise, the forecast was for rain from about four in the afternoon continuing through the evening. We did not see (or feel) any rain until about quarter to five and then only a few spots. However there were a couple of significant cloud bursts through the evening to the degree that Graham decided he couldn’t sit it out and at about 7pm he went back to his car for his brolley which he sat under for the rest of the evening. Given the amount of rain we have had over the preceding days we were really surprised to see the river at a fairly typical summer levels and flows but there was a bit more colour.

We had a new addition to the river fishing matches; Cody Hughes who is a match for anyone on the still waters was fishing under Grandfather Keith’s instruction. At the draw Steve Simmonds drew 1 and opted for the very short walk and went straight down to the bridge. We have not been able to fish here for a few years due to the trees that have grown up just below the bridge. But with the first arch now completely silted up it was possible to fish from the silt and get a reasonable inside line trot. Cody and Keith were looking to go to the first swim in the second field but were deterred by the livestock in the field so everyone ended up along the first straight.

The fishing was patchy with no one being able to put together a decent run of fish, Roach, Dace Gudgeon and Chublets made up most people’s weights with Richard adding a small Eel and Cody had Pike trouble with one trying to get at the fish in his keep net a Pike in the swim is never helpful when you are trotting.
In first place from the aforementioned bridge swim was Steve Simmonds he had one reasonable Roach and bits and pieces for 2lb. Richard Leduc’s Eel boosted his weight to 1lb 6oz for second place and despite his trip to get his brolly Graham White was third with 1lb 2oz.