Match Report

Match:  River Evening 3
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  Duncan Elms
29 - 15 - 0
Runner Up:  Nick Simmonds
4 - 10 - 0
Third:  Steve Simmonds
4 - 9 - 0


The third and final match of our evening river series saw us at Coultershaw.

The match was dominated by Duncan who was torn between just above the cattle drink and the swim between the stile and the confluence. He opted for the cattle drink and didn’t really look back. Starting on the float while priming his swim with groundbait he had a few dace and roach. Then he switched to the tip and the the first of his Bream almost immediately. Nine in the net and one lost by the end of the match he weighed in 29lb 15oz to easily win the match.

The Simmonds brothers were only separated by an ounce with Nick coming out on top with a mainly Dace catch of 4lb 10oz for second place with Steve having a similar catch but 4lb 9oz to secure third.

Duncan was way ahead of Nick (the best of the rest) at Coultershaw

Over the series it was a win for Steve with 28 points, Duncan was in second with 26 points and Mick who would rather like to forget the last match was third with 24points.