Match Report

Match:  Still Evening 1
Venue:  Hurston Tench Pond
Winner:  Gary Collins
6 - 2 - 0
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
5 - 3 - 0
Third:  Richard Garnham
2 - 10 - 0


It was a calm, overcast and mild evening for the first match of the evening series held on Hurston Tench Pond. During the match it started raining, with Graham the only one who eventually put up a brolly, as most of the anglers were sheltered under the riverside  trees. As soon as he had done this the rain decided to stop. Fishing was mixed with Tench ( from ounces to 2-5lb), small Crucians, Roach and Rudd being caught. It is a good sign that small tench and crucians were caught as it indicates the fish are breeding. Although there had been a work party of match anglers weed clearing the previous week there was still weed out in the middle of the lake, beyond the rakes. The bigger tench knew where to head for this otherwise the match weights would have been higher.

In first place was Gary Collins fishing Peg 5 who had a Tench of about 2.5lb first put in on sweetcorn fishing the pole. He didn’t manage another Tench of that size but caught more Tench from ounces to a pound, Rudd plus a Crucian on worm. This mixed bag totaling 6lb 2oz was good for first place

Mick Greenway was fishing Peg 3, which was the Golden Peg, and used worm on the pole to catch Tench weighing ounces to 1-5lb and Rudd to take second place with 5lb 11oz.

In third place was Richard Garnham who caught 5 Tench, Rudd and a Crucian to weigh in 2lb 10oz. He was also using the pole and suffered badly from losing several Tench in the weed.

Gary with his winning bag from Hurston Tench Pond