Match Report

Match:  Still Evening 3
Venue:  Stemps Pond
Winner:  Graham White
27 - 2 - 0
Runner Up:  Gary Collins
26 - 8 - 0
Third:  John Messias
19 - 5 - 0


Another mild evening for the match although we did have one shower at the beginning but this cleared up to give a nice sunny evening. We had two new anglers join us for the match which was good to see. One of them, Steve Humphrey, caught a Carp of approximately 15lb from peg 8 on the feeder but returned it as he didn’t want to put it in a keepnet and didn’t call for it to be weighed and then returned. The other angler, John Messias finished third in the match. Again we had an angler still fishing Stemps when we turned up- this has become a regular occurrence and members are reminded to vacate the match venue 3 hours before the start of the match.

In first place was Graham White,who was fishing Peg 14, and started fishing the feeder across to the island but was pestered by Roach although some of them were of a reasonable size. He switched to fishing the method feeder with 8mm pellets in the margins to find the Carp and weighed in 27-2-0.

Gary Collins was on Peg 1 and caught a Carp on his first cast. He was using the method feeder with pellets and changed over to bomb and pellet for the last hour. His Carp were smaller than Graham’s and he caught 10 weighing 26-8-0 to take second place.

John Messias was on Peg 2 and fished the method feeder over to the island to catch 4 Carp weighing 19-5-0 for third place.

After three rounds of the Evening Stillwater series Gary Collins with 29 points leads convincingly from Mick Greenway with 23points.

Graham with his winning weight from Peg 14
Gary on Peg 1 and John on Peg 2 were second and third.