Match Report

Match:  Still Water Evening 3
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Mick Greenway
14 - 9 - 0
Runner Up:  Cody Hughes
5 - 0 - 0
Third:  Graham White
2 - 14 - 4


The weather and the fact that the Carp were in full spawning frenzy made this quite a hard match and catches were not as we hoped.
In order to give anglers at least some cover from the rain it was decided to just peg the golf course bank but this did not stop everyone getting thoroughly soaked.
Mick Greenway is doing very well on our Carp orientated venues at the moment, perhaps he can relax a bit more while his is fishing having handed Match Secretary duties on to Keith Hughes, conversely Keith is not figuring in the results tables as he has over the past couple of seasons and is being over shadowed by Grandson Cody at the moment.

Mick had 14lb 9oz this time round for a convincing first place. Cody with a couple of Carp for 5lb came in second with Graham White coming in third with 2lb 14oz 4dm.

Cody with his two Granary Carp and a second place in the match