Match Report

Match:  Still Evening 4
Venue:  Cart Pond
Winner:  Graham White
30 - 5 - 0
Runner Up:  Gary Collins
27 - 0 - 0
Third:  John Messias
16 - 12 - 0


This match was on the hottest day of the year but had started to cool slightly when we turned up for the draw. When we went to our pegs we could see that all the Carp were cruising on the surface close to the island on Peg 27 to such an extent that the angler on Peg 16, the normally hot peg, only caught Roach. It was good to see John Shepherd at a match but unfortunately he had to leave early as he was not feeling well.

In first place was Graham White who took advantage of the Carp on Peg 27 caught them and some Skimmers on the method feeder with pellets cast to the island to weigh in 30-5-0.

Gary Collins, on Peg 23 directly opposite Graham, had a slow slow start with just Skimmers on the pole fishing to the island but eventually found the Carp in the entrance to the outlet to Stemps to weigh in 27-0-0 to take second place.

John Messias was on Peg 20 and fished the method feeder short, due to the weed, and caught 6 Carp weighing 16-12-0 on the method feeder for third place.

The Evening Stillwater series was convincingly won by Gary Collins with 38 points from Mick Greenway with 30 points.

Graham with his winning weight from Peg 27
Gary and John were second and third from pegs 23 and 20.