Match Report

Match:  Still Evening 4
Venue:  Cart Pond
Winner:  John Money
6 - 4 - 0
Runner Up:  Barry Meller
5 - 2 - 0
Third:  Keith Hughes
4 - 3 - 0


On yet another warm dry evening the last match of the evening Stillwater Series was fished on Cart Pond. Cart is meant to be a silverfish only venue and this is how it started out with only a couple of Carp, left  from the siltation work, which had been removed to Stemps. However there were a good number of Carp moving around in Cart when the anglers showed up and it was decided to allow a pound in weight for any Carp caught. In the match only one Carp was landed and moved back to Stemps although several were hooked but broke the light silverfish gear the anglers were using. Weed has also started to appear in Cart and this is a particularly strong variety which the bigger fish seem to know to go for. Keith and Cody Hughes joined us for their first evening match – the fishing was slow and Cody decided to move to Stemps, where he caught several Carp, which are his forte.

In first place was John Money, fishing his first match with us. He was on peg 27 ( which is old peg 28) and used sweet corn on the pole to catch 2 large skimmers/ Bream and Roach to weigh in 6-4-0

Barry Meller, fishing his second match with us, was on peg 30 and caught 2 skimmers and Roach on corn or maggot on the pole to weigh in 5-2-0 and take second place.

Keith Hughes was on peg 26 ( old peg 27) and used the pole catch 4-3-0 of skimmers and Roach and take third place.

The winner of the Stillwater Evening Series was Gary Collins ( 32 points) from Richard Garnham and Mick Greenway both on 29 points.