Match Report

Match:  Still Water 1
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Keith Hughes
46 - 1 - 0
Runner Up:  Phil Tubb
36 - 8 - 0
Third:  Gary Collins
34 - 4 - 0


A fine morning greeted us at the Park on Sunday 8th May, We did think it might be too fine with bright skies and not a ripple on the lake so we pegged it to fit everyone in before the first island using the deepest water.

Most of the regular park anglers set up just a feeder rod with Keith just setting up the pole and some others setting up both to edge their bets.

Fishing two lines from the concrete block one at 5m and the other at 13m, Keith started short over a single ball of ground bait and had a Bream first put in followed by 2 more in the first hour. He then moved out to the 13m line that he had feed with 3 balls of ground bait and had 2 bream within the first 5 minutes but then lost one and it all went quiet. Switching between the 2 lines he managed 16 Bream and a few Roach and one Perch of about 1Ib for a total weight of 46lb 1oz for first place.

Phil fishing the end peg in the open water between the bend and the 1st island was on the the feeder for the whole match. With just one small hybrid in the first 2 hours he needed things to pick up and they did, Following a miscast that fell short and the tip going round before the rod was in the rest this change in distance saw 20 bream and skimmers for 36lb 8oz in the net by the end of the match which was enough for second place.

Gary was pegged between the large oak and the bend and fished the feeder all day and picked up the odd bream from start to finish switching between dead maggot and pellets, his 34lb 4oz was good for third place.

Everyone who fished had at leastĀ four Bream, which for a match is unusual as theĀ bream tend to move out when under pressure.