Match Report

Match:  Still Water 12
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Graham White
52 - 3 - 0
Runner Up:  Gary Collins
15 - 7 - 0
Third:  Keith Hughes
6 - 5 - 0


A chilly morning greeted us with a stiff breeze from the N/E that made the lake look like glass. We pegged the whole of the road side as this is normally the best area.

Graham drew Peg 1 to the right of the first large oak and set up to fish 2 pole lines, one at around 6m and the other at 12. Fishing with maggot over groundbait he started catching a few small Roach but these soon turned into Bream and managed to keep a steady flow of bites all day for his 52lb 3oz to easily win the match.

Gary drew Peg 2 just the other side of the oak and fished the feeder. He had a bit of a wait but did find a few bream they seemed to come in pairs with a long wait between them. He was a long way behind Graham but his 15lb 7oz gave him second place

Keith drew Peg 5 to the left of the concrete block. Happy with the draw he set up to fish 3 lines one at 12m one at 6m and the other in the shallow water at around 2.5m. Staring on the shortest line he had small Roach from the off but found it hard to get a bite on the other 2 lines. After about 3 hours he started catching Roach of around 3oz on the 12m line then out of the blue a bite that when struck pulled lots of elastic out, this turned out to be a very good Roach/Bream hybrid of around 2¾ Ib which swelled his weight to 6lb 5oz for third place

A very happy Graham with his winning weight from Petworth. Gary was a long way behind in second place