Match Report

Match:  Still Water 17
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Richard Garnham
10 - 5 - 0
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
8 - 2 - 0
Third:  Vince Herringshaw
4 - 14 - 0


Another nice morning greeted us at Hurston on Sunday for the match that had moved from the Middle lake to the Match lake due to the number of members booking in. One hardy soul had taken advantage of this as when we turned up he was asleep in his bivvy having spent the night on the Middle lake.

The draw was made using both sides again to give everyone some space, as it turned out the same 3 pegs as the last visit came out on top.

Richard on peg 10 found 4 F1’s and a small Carp on the pole to the island in the bay for 10lb 6oz and first place.

In second place Mick on peg 14 fished to the pads and had  8lb 2oz consisting of 2 big F1’s  and a few silvers.

Vince on peg 1 found the most silvers on the day  and had 1 F1 fishing in open water for 4lb 14oz and third place

Everyone else had to make do with a few Silver fish apart from Graham in peg 6 who did lose a Carp around 15 minutes before the end.