Match Report

Match:  Still Water 5
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Keith Hughes
48 - 8 - 0
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
23 - 5 - 0
Third:  Cody Hughes
20 - 15 - 0


A typical British summer’s day greeted us for this match, we had sun, cloud, wind and even an odd shower. We pegged down both sides of the lake leaving the ends out this time, the lake looks very nice now the weed is under control and it does seem to have improved the fishing  as the Carp can’t just hide in the weeds.

Keith fishing the far end of the island on the golf course side had a bush to his right and that was the place he started but after an Eel and two hard fighting Carp that put his pole to the test he started a new line at 13m in the open water. This line took a little time to get going but produced a steady flow of fish between 3 and 8Ib. His total of 48lb 8oz was easily enough to win the match.

Mick fishing the far end of the island on the farm side had a very slow start with just 1 Carp that was foul hooked and lost in the first 3 hours. He then went over to having a play for the Rudd just for a bit of action. In the last hour or so he had a few bites fishing in open water towards the end of the island which resulted in 4 Carp in the net and 2 lost. His Rudd and carp totaled 23lb 5oz for second place.

Cody drew the 2nd peg on the golf course side and decided to fish 2 lines, the first close to the end of the bush on his left and the 2nd out in the open water at around 10m. He got off to a flying start with his first Carp in the net before most of us had started, but after losing 3 or 4 and a broken top kit moved out to the open water line found four more Carp and some nice Rudd.

Surprise of the day was Jon Arnold’s silver fish net which normally remains empty on venues where there are Carp to be caught. John as well as some Carp had over 6lb of Rudd.

Keith with his winning haul of just under 50lb from The Granary
Mick and Cody were second and third