Match Report

Match:  Still Water 6
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Cody Hughes
19 - 8 - 0
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
15 - 12 - 0
Third:  Steve Simmonds
14 - 7 - 0


The first thing to say is that we did not get the rain that we were expecting and managed to have a completely dry match.  There were ten of us at the Granary with five pegged down the near side, one on the end and four on the golf course side. The Carp proved very fickle spending a lot of the time just cruising on the top, however a few were caught and of course if Carp are going to provide the winning weight we can all guess who was going to come out on top.

Cody Hughes was in the second peg on the Golf course side and spent most of the time fishing to the tree to his left. Although he managed to shatter a top three and lost a few rigs in the tree his 19lb 8oz was still good for first place.

Granddad Keith was a couple of pegs further a long and with his Carp he did also have a nice Eel of 1lb 7oz to give him a total of 15lb 12oz for second place.

Steve Simmonds was at the car park end of the lake and managed to keep three Carp out of the lilies for a third placed weight of 14lb 7oz.

Cody with his winning bag of Carp