Match Report

Match:  Still Water 8
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  Gary Collins
47 - 8 - 0
Runner Up:  John Ritter
37 - 11 - 0
Third:  Keith Hughes
32 - 11 - 0


An overcast but warm still morning greeted us at Petworth Park. A look around the water earlier in the week showed that the water level was around 20″ down and the pegs around the islands were very shallow with rocks showing. This meant we had to limit the numbers who could book in as pegging would be just along the road side until the bend.

Gary Collins, drew peg 8 and fished the feeder for the whole match, he had a slow start but once the fish moved in he caught steadily for the whole match. He managed to find a slightly better stamp of fish than his main rivals and his 47lb 8oz was good for first place.

John Ritter was on peg 1 and as normal fished the feeder and after the first 2 hours only had 2 Bream in the net. However as we started to see the sun John’s feeder line started to produce a steady flow of fish until the end of the match. With his Bream he also had a  Tench and and lost two others. 37lb 11oz secured second place.

Keith Hughes had peg 3 and after doing so well in the last couple of visits only took a pole with him. Fishing his normal 2 lines with ground bait he got off to a flyer catching 11 bream in the first 2 hours. As the sun burnt  off the cloud it got harder and harder and then a few issues with Pike put an end to any hope of getting any more bream. However those early fish made up the bulk of his 32lb 11oz for third place.

Gary and John were first & second at Petworth