Match Report

Match:  Still Water 8
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  John Ritter
70 - 10 - 0
Runner Up:  Duncan Elms
47 - 14 - 0
Third:  Gary Collins
34 - 5 - 0


The anglers who turned up at Petworth Park were expecting a hard match with sunny and light wind conditions. However the water again came up trumps and produced some excellent weights. The anglers were pegged along the roadside bank and either side of the first island. Unlike the last match the bream were closer to the bank with several anglers catching on the pole line.

In first place, fishing on the concrete slab, was John Ritter, a regular winner at Petworth Park, with an excellent catch of bream weighing 70-10-0. He fished the feeder with dead maggot as bait. John’s was the third heaviest match weight caught in a match from  Petworth Park.

Duncan Elms, who along with his dad is a regular at the evening matches on the Rother but is a rarity on the day matches as he is very busy farmer took second place. He was fishing to the right of the concrete slab after the tree. He used a waggler to catch bream and skimmers along with a roach of about a pound to weigh in 47-14-0.

Gary Collins, another regular winner at Petworth Park, was in third place and was fishing the second swim on the roadside bank. He started off the match fishing the feeder out towards the island and had a couple of bream and also hooked a carp which he started to bring in until it decided to disappear into the distance. He continued to fish the feeder but at closer range and ended up with a weight of 34-5-0.

Thanks to Graham White for helping with the weighing in.

John Ritter and Duncan Elms with their Petworth catches