Match Report

Match:  Three Counties
Venue:  Fittleworth
Winner:  Duncan Elms (P&B)
6 - 5 - 0
Runner Up:  S Romaniak (Chi)
5 - 13 - 0
Third:  I Osbourne (Rother)
5 - 10 - 0


Although not a club match it is worth recording the Three Counties match we hosted on Fittleworth. We had 12 anglers on the water so more than we normally get and we pegged from the bridge to the fallen oak. A couple of Chub came out from the first straight and there were some good catches of Dace and plenty of Gudgeon.
The weather was a bit of a surprise, having checked the forecast it was supposed to be dry but we had a couple of very intense periods of rain, they didn’t last long but there was a lot of it!
Our man Duncan Elms was first, pegged in the 2nd peg below the bridge, Duncan had a Chub and some good Dace for 6lb 5oz to win the match. Steve Romaniak was in the middle of the straight in the 2nd field and caught Dace steadily for 5lb 13oz. On the second bend in the same field Ivor Osbourne was surprised by the depth of his swim (he had about 9 foot of water) and glad that he had brought his long rod which he used to good effect and had 5lb 10oz of mainly Dace.