Match Report

Match:  W Sampson Cup 1st Leg
Venue:  Hurston Match Pond
Winner:  Mick Greenway
Runner Up:  


The first leg of the W Sampson Trophy was fished on the Hurston Match Lake. The previous couple of nights had been cold and the lakes were frozen over. Thanks go to Keith and Cody who had gone up to the lake on Saturday and used the boat to break up the ice to give some fishable swims.

On the day of the match the swims were still fishable with any ice being thin and easily removed or quickly melted by the sun, which shone all day. There was however a cold easterly wind which was particularly noticeable on Keith’s peg (number 8). Unfortunately the fish turned off under the cold conditions and only one angler had a bite. On the day of the match the Middle and Tench Lakes were completely frozen along with some of the pegs on the roadside bank of the Match Lake.

Mick Greenway was fishing Peg 5 and used bread punch fished on the pole down the margin to have 2 bites which resulted in 2 carp weighing 5-12-0

Mick was the only one to have a bite

With three matches to go Mick Greenway is leading the Clubman, Weight and Matchman categories from Keith Hughes. Clubman (150 to 146 points), Weight (307-1-4 to 219-1-0) and Matchman (1334 to 970 points)