Stemps Wood

Stemps Wood Ponds

These two ponds are situated in a small copse amid arable farmland and are sympathetically managed to retain their woodland charm. They are surrounded by mature trees and attract an abundance of wildlife throughout all the seasons.

Stemps Pond

Stemps is well stocked with Carp from 2lb to 15lb, mainly hard fighting commons but there are a few mirrors and ghosties as well. The water also holds numerous Roach, Skimmers and Rudd. A few Tench, Perch and larger Bream are also present.
Stemps Pond

The carp in Stemps might not be the biggest but they do fight hard.

Because the water is so heavily stocked it continues to fish well throughout the winter months. The pegs closest to the island 1,2,14 and 15 are the favoured pegs for the Carp, but most pegs can produce, even very close in, if a quiet approach is adopted.

All methods and baits will catch fish, but if you want the bigger carp then a bigger bait may deter the smaller fish. Try hemp and tares for the quality roach in here, these are often overlooked by most.

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Cart Pond

Cart was originally designed and created with the match angler in mind, but it is now very popular with pleasure anglers as well. Apart from being well stocked with Roach and Skimmers there are plenty of really hard fighting Common Carp, in weight range from 2 to 8lbs.
Cart is popular with both our Junior and Senior Citizen Members

Cart is popular with both our Junior and Senior Citizen Members

There are also some bigger Carp into double figures, a few Tench and larger Bream stocked and like Stemps Pond provides the angler with plenty of bites even on a bad day.

Hemp and tares sort out the better roach in the summer months, try breadflake for the Carp. Regulars recommend you stay quiet and don’t ignore the margins. Heavy feeding on both ponds is not necessary and is positively discouraged to protect the water quality.

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Closed Season: None both Ponds are open all year