Venues Reports

As we move into the time when bigger fish become our main quarry, be it a big Barbel, … Read More

Firstly – A few words about the weather. We are experiencing an unprecedented spell of hot dry weather … Read More

River Rother We have at last had a good drop of rain which should wash the Rother through, … Read More

RIVER ROTHER Although river levels are still on average lower than expected, the small amounts of rain we … Read More

Venue Reports August 2017

River Rother Rain for the month was about average; however river levels remain generally low. Coultershaw The work … Read More

Venues Report July 2017

River Rother We have seen quite a bit of rain over the back end of the month and … Read More

River Rother Water levels on the Rother are as low as they were last season and the rain … Read More

The season has started well at Watersfield. Steve (the biker) Warner had a good Barbel of 14lb 4oz … Read More

We heard a couple of weeks ago from an angler who had a very good session on Petworth … Read More

The Granary in March

Iain has told us how his first ever trip to The Granary went. ‘I have belonged to our … Read More