Venues Report

Bailiffs Report November 2008

It’s that time of the year again when the weather determines if and whether to go fishing or not, so as the rain beats down and the rivers burst their banks I thought I would take a brief look at what’s been going on during those lovely spring and summer days. Well first place to look is the rogue’s picture gallery and that sums it up nicely with good quality fish coming from everywhere.

Although barbel are moving throughout the Rother, Coultershaw still seems to be their home territory, all the same they are on the move and as I am also for my sins the club’s Press Officer I would welcome news of anything worthwhile and in particular news of any barbel coming from our less targeted venues, they are there in our other stetches and already a few have been caught from the lower stretches at Coates Castle.

The club decided, quite rightly, we needed more bailiffs especially as we now have more waters to look after so we are now sixteen strong. Following a lively meeting it was agreed on a strategy that ensures we all try to follow the same approach as to how we bailiffs tackle this important role. First of all we are there to make sure we are looking after the interests of the members, our waters, and in particular our valuable fish stocks. Very occasionally non members turn up on the off chance they can fish at our expense, they try every trick in the book but will politely but firmly be asked to leave. If anyone does have a reason to believe there are non members fishing any of our waters then please let one of our bailiffs know. We will always check Membership Cards and it’s always wise to carry and show your Rod Licence, the EA are active in our area and everyone knows what the cost of fishing without a proper licence could be. We also work closely with the EA and support them where we can.

Another point to bear in mind is that apart from our Hurston Lane Fishery at Storrington. all our waters are leased from a variety of landlords and farmers so please remember to leave farm gates as you find them and take home any litter, including any left by another selfish angler. This is one of the bailiffs constant nightmares, we are not unpaid dustmen so lets keep it clean and tidy. Well we have a strong and thriving club, membership numbers are reaching our agreed limits and in these harsh economic times we offer fantastic value for money and going fishing is one way of leaving the troubles of the world behind, even now the sun is making an appearance and our lovely rivers, lakes and ponds set in the Sussex countryside with the Autumn colours at their very best it makes it all worthwhile. By the way, and with tougue in cheek, you can always spot a bailiff, they are the good looking blokes !

‘Tight Lines.’

Roger Poole.