Venues Report

Fisheries Report For July 2015


The Rother is running quite low and slow at the moment and would really benefit from some rain, however the river continues to fish well.


A number of barbel have been reported from around 7lb to low doubles. We also have reports of quite a few decent chub and some big bream being caught using static tactics. This section is also producing reasonable bags of silver fish to trotting tactics and notably some very good dace have shown over the last couple of weeks.


Odd chub have been caught all along the stretch and roving tactics seem to be proving the most effective. There have been some reasonable catches of silver fish taken on the float. Although still being caught, there do not seem to be quite as many trout as last year.

Coates Castle

The trout that were found in abundance at Shopham last year have perhaps moved downstream into the lower reaches of the Coates stretch. Anglers hoping for a bag of silver fish have found it hard to get through the trout to start with although if you persevere with a swim you will find the roach and dace coming along behind.


Some reasonable roach and dace bags have been reported and evening sessions appear to be proving the most fruitful. If you keep feeding you also have a good chance of the odd chub turning up. The best I have heard of so far are two fish around the 4lb mark, these were caught in different sessions but only 75 – 100yds apart so it could be the same fish.


The Arun is obviously less affected by the lack of rain and flow continues to be reasonable.


Good chub, carp, big roach and the odd barbel are coming out to static baits. Not much bream action at the moment. There are plenty of silver fish on the float to maggot and caster.


Good bags of silver fish and perch are being taken using feeder techniques, nothing outstanding size wise but plenty of bites.


Hurston Lane

Our bailiff reports that the whole Hurston Lane complex is fishing really well at the moment with good bags reported from all the ponds. As you are no doubt aware weed continues to be a problem at Hurston and we continue to try to keep on top of it. The next weed clearing is scheduled the afternoon / evening on Tuesday 21st July and the more we can get there the better. In the meantime if you have a weed rake and a spare half hour or so our fishery management team would be very appreciative if you had a go – every little helps!

Stemps Wood

Both Stemps & Cart are fishing well at the moment with plenty of carp showing from the favoured swims but you can pick up one or two carp from virtually any swim on the complex. Alongside the carp there are plenty of roach and skimmers being caught from every swim.

Chichester Canal

Although a recent match on the canal was deemed hard going the anglers that competed saw quite a number of big bream and some carp cruising along the section they were fishing. The thought is that the fish were spawning so not that interested in the anglers bait. Since then I have heard of a number of good silver fish sessions both upstream and downstream of Hunston bridge, although there are no reports of any big fish being caught, they are obviously still there!

Petworth Park

As usual a bit of a slow start at Petworth Park however the early season match weights saw improvements as the weather warmed. Interestingly one member reported a very good session from beyond the 2nd island. However if you fish round there make sure you can land and return your fish safely as the water is very shallow close in and the bank is quite uneven.

The Granary

This increasingly popular venue is producing plenty of carp or if you fancy catching rudd all day this is the place to go. Perhaps go equipped with two rods and fish for the carp with one and the rudd with the other!