Venues Report

Granary Report

I have made 2 visits to the Granary 24th and 26th June, here are my views on this venue.

  1. Beautiful Lake and surroundings.
  2. Lots of very small silver fish in evidence ( no issue for me i fish bottom with PVA bags ).
  3. Some big fish into Double figures seen cruising around.
  4. Potential – very good, I will be fishing here regularly and hope to have more success as I get used to the place.
  5. Weed – some people may complain about the weed here but it is not an issue, tackle pulls through it okay and it is exactly what Carp need.

My first day was a blank, I tried several baits and despite no fish it was a lovely day so still enjoyed the trip. Second visit 3 Carp fish of 4 pound and 1 of 3 pound also lost one time spent was about 5 hours.

I’m looking forward to catching some of the bigger fish in this lake and hope to meet some of you over there.

Below are a couple of photos of the Carp I caught and a view of the Granary on one of the days I went.

Jeff Towse