Venues Report

Hurston Lane Fishery In January

It may be the middle of winter and although the weather is wet most of the time it is still remarkably mild for this time of year.

With the rivers being flooded and it being one of those seemingly rare dry days Fisheries Officer Nelson Keet, Club Bailiff Gordon Bolton and myself decided to fish Hurston Match Pond to see how the new stock were settling in.

After arriving at 7:30am Gordon and I walked up to the far end of the Match Pond on the road side. Gordon elected to fish the last platform swim and I the next one along. Shortly after Nelson arrived (having gone to Stemps by mistake) and he took the last swim on the same side.

Having all set up we started to fish, Gordon cast a feeder to his right and fished with a pole across to the island. I cast a feeder with pellet to the island and fished a whip with maggot down the middle. Nelson fished a feeder to the middle near the inlet using a swing-tip for bite detection. On the other rod he fished a float in the middle.

After a short while Gordon saw his float go under and he was soon hooked into a hard fighting 5lb common carp which was in mint condition.

Shortly after Gordon landed his Carp Nelson noticed his swing-tip slowly twitch and then rise slowly and was pleasantly surprised to find he had hooked one of the recently stocked bream of about 4-5lb.

Nelson used sloppy groundbait and worm tipped with a pinkie with good effect on both rods. Nelson caught about ten bream in all with the smallest being well over a pound.

As the day went on Gordon hooked another 3 carp on the pole but sadly he only landed one of them. Meanwhile stuck in the middle (yet again) I opted to blank as I don’t like to show off ha ha.

All in all though we had an enjoyable days fishing. Even though I blanked I still enjoyed being there and who wouldn’t in such a peaceful picturesque environment, with the wildlife, good company (and bacon rolls) etc. Proving there is more to fishing than catching fish. Or as the Romans say ” Piscator non solum piscatur “.

As the Pond Warden at Hurston Lane Fishery and especially now we have a new stocking of fish in Hurston Match Pond I’d definitely recommend fishing there even at this time of year. Even more so this year with the rivers being swollen and unfishable.

I do believe the more people that fish Hurston Match Pond the better the fishing will get like Stemps Pond has proved over the years. Don’t let my blank put you off, it’s the norm for me. ha ha.

Our aim is to make Hurston Lane into one of our best fisheries, makes sense really as we actually own the site. However we can only achieve this with the help and support of our members.

We have a programme of work to carry out at Hurston Lane in the near future so if you can attend a work party please do so. A lot of the work does not involve hard labour and as the saying goes, many hands make light work, hope to see you there.

Trev Horton