Venues Report

The Granary in March

Iain has told us how his first ever trip to The Granary went.

‘I have belonged to our club for 4 to 5 years and never visited The Granary before. What an eye opener, Tranquil, peaceful surroundings. The only human noise was from the Golfers hitting their balls and the over bright clothing they all seem to wear. But this was in the distance. Yesterday was a bit too bright and warm causing the Carp that I could see topping the surface.

I took Neal Lees advice to use Corn and a light feeder. The only problems I faced were the Fry and Rudd hitting the Corn as soon as it hit the bottom. I also found the bottom very weedy causing problems every now and then. For float fishing this will be no problem. In the end, I ended up using one kernel and one piece of floating plastic Corn. This produced 2 Carp around the 3lb mark and about 12 Rudd in the low ounces.

Overall the water was a challenge to sort the Carp out but the peaceful location made up for it. One thing I will warn you about is the stable’s dog. Whatever you do, do not start playing ball with her, cause you’ll be there for hours chucking the ball. Sorry, no catch picture’s as I rarely take them unless they are a PB.’

Although Iain didn’t take any pictures of his fish he did take this nice view of the water.
The Granary