Fishery Management Report

Coultershaw Work Party 22nd May 2022

Report From Chris Exall

It seems that whenever we have our Coultershaw work parties the weather is hot and sunny. This proved to be the case  again this year but we did have seven members who joined me and Martin. many thanks to Steve, Ade, Mark, Peter, Nelson, John and especially to new member David who traveled from Kent.

The ‘team’ at Chris’s swim

We decided not to get the boat into the water this time round, we would perhaps leave that until next time.

Instead we concentrated on rebuilding the steps to a number of swims.

Refurbished Steps

Pruning and trimming was also the order of the day and we opened up an old swim down towards the bottom end of the section that had become almost completely overgrown.

Pruning and trimming, before and after

For us short legged anglers Nelson put in another step on the stile into the field which makes it much easier to get over.

Next Work Party at Coultershaw Sunday 12th June 

We have decided to hold another work party to carry on the good work achieved by all on Sunday. Martin and Chris look forward to meeting a few more guy’s and gal’s in the field by the first stile at 08.30 – 09.00. Come on let’s see you supporting our superb club and giving up 4 hrs of your time.