Fishery Management Report

New Stock For Stemps Wood

It was a bracing cold morning on the 2nd January and it was good to get out to blow away some of the excesses of the new year celebrations. We were over at Stemps and Cart to receive our latest batch of fish. Having seen an explosion of roach fry in late summer we had decided that we really needed to try to control these and the ideal way would be with some perch. Our normal fish supplier had some 2 – 3 year old fish available which varied in size from around 6″ to 10″, these are ideal and should grow on to give us some specimen perch in the years to come whilst controlling the high number of roach fry.
We introduced around 100 of these perch to each lake and look forward to them settling in well.

Dave and Nelson with some of the perch
Dave and Nelson with some of the perch

You are likely to see Dave together with Alan regularly at Walberton. They have taken over from Nelson as bailiffs and are doing a great job in maintaining the high standards that Nelson has set at this popular fishery.