Fishery Management Report

New Year – New Stock At Hurston

Friday 26th January saw us make the most recent stock introduction to Hurston. This follows the stocking at the end of October when we put some quality Roach into the Tench Pond and some Carp in the 3 – 5lb bracket into the Middle Pond.

This time round we put new fish into all three ponds

We topped up the Crucian Carp stock in the Tench Pond with a few new ones of various sizes with the best weighing in at around 2½ lb.

Big Crucian for the Tench Pond

We introduced 10 new Mirror Carp in the 3-5lb range to the Middle Pond.

Three of the new Mirrors

Finally a mixed bag were put in the Match Pond

New Stock for the Match Pond; Roach, Skimmers, one big bream and some F1 Carp