News Report

Peg Closures at Stemps & Cart – Update

Our bailiffs have managed to rebuild the platform on Peg 4 so this has re-opened.
They are hoping to get round to Peg 10 before the weekend but if they can’t why not come along and help at the work party on Sunday 28th. The ponds will be closed for fishing until mid afternoon.
Other than Peg 10 there is lots to do.
We have a big pile of wood chip that we want to move across the field from the car park to the ponds, we have the wheelbarrows we just need a few willing volunteers to push them and then help spread on the ares where they are needed.
With spring growth beginning to take off there will always be trimming back to do.
So if you are a Stemps and Cart regular please consider giving just a little back to your venue and give us a hand.