Match Report

Match:  Caine Cup 2nd Leg
Venue:  Petworth Park
Winner:  K. Leighfield
27 - 6 - 0
Runner Up:  R. Weetman
15 - 8 - 0
Third:  J. Williams
6 - 15 - 8


What a difference a week makes to the temperature, last week was very pleasant shirtsleeve weather whereas this week it was quite frankly cold. The wind had turned round from last week as well and was blowing from the islands towards the dam. We again had a match when the bream just didn’t show in the numbers expected. The thought is that they might be more interested in breeding rather than feeding at the moment.

Last season we featured an article about fishing Petworth Park by Kevin Leighfield, he obviously practiced what he preached today as easily had the top weight of the day with a mainly tench net of 27 – 6 – 0 from just past the lilies.

Roger Weetman was drawn on the end of the first island and he caught mainly tench but with one bream for a net of 15 – 8 – 0.

John Williams was on one of the favoured roadside pegs and had a tench and a bream for 6 – 15 – 8.

With a 2nd place in each match Roger Weetman takes the Caine Cup with 18 points.