Match Report

Match:  Charles Tankard
Venue:  Stemps Pond
Winner:  Steve Speller
Runner Up:  Mike Kitchener
Third:  Keith Hughes


The weather forecast for this match was not good with heavy rain predicted. Fortunately the forecast was wrong and the match was fished in dry sunny conditions, although at the weigh in it had started to spit with rain. The drive home was wet in parts with the roads in Worthing very wet so the forecast was right for some areas. This was the first time an evening match had been fished at the Walberton complex for some time and it was of interest to see how it fished.

Eight anglers turned up for the match and again we used the best performing pegs. The walk across to the lakes was much better thanks to Nelson’s laying of wood chips which made pushing or pulling the trolleys much easier. The match was won with carp although there were some good catches of silverfish topped by Keith’s bag of roach and odd skimmers.

Steve Speller was fishing on Peg 15 and caught 9 carp although he reckoned he lost just as many more. The winning catch weighed 25-7-0 and the majority were caught on the method feeder (using groundbait) with meat on the hook. He did catch the odd fish on the pole to the left of his swim.

In second place on Peg 1 (golden peg) was Mike Kitchener, who again fished the method feeder (with groundbait) using dead maggots as hook bait, and caught 14-4-0 of carp. Like Steve he also lost several other carp.
Keith Hughes was in third place with 8-15-0 of roach with the odd skimmer although he lost a bream of about 4 pounds. Keith fished dead maggots over a bed of pellets