Match Report

Match:  Committee/ Bailiff/ Ottaway
Venue:  Bernies Lake
Winner:  Keith Hughes
40 - 1 - 4
Runner Up:  Vince Herringshaw
35 - 6 - 0
Third:  Mike Kitchener
25 - 14 - 8


Nine anglers turned up for the match at Bernies which was a combination of committee members, bailiffs and regular matchmen – with some of the anglers having more than one role. The weather again was fine and dry and we pegged five on the car park side with the remaining four on the other side. It was rumoured that Bernies had been fishing hard and this proved to be the case with lower weights than the match fished earlier in the year. Bernie has started to cut some of the vegetation around the lake and this has made some of the pegs easier to fish.

Weights were mainly composed of carp with very few silverfish caught but this is not surprising as most people set out their stall for carp.Fishing on the far corner peg on the non-car park side was Keith Hughes who weighed in 40 – 1 – 4 of carp. These were mainly caught on paste down the edge and took some time before the fish decided to feed.

In second place fishing the other corner peg on that side was Vince Herringshaw who use a combination of feeder and pole to catch 35 – 6 – 0 which was mainly carp although he did have 4 pound of bits.

Mike Kitchener continued his successful run and fished the same peg as he had in the earlier match. However he did not catch as many fish but still managed to weigh in 25 – 14 – 4, caught mainly on the feeder to come in third.

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Keith and Vince with a few of their fish

Keith won the Committee cup with Vince the Ottaway cup with Kitch taking the bailiffs trophy.