Match Report

Match:  Kingsbury Tankard 2nd Leg
Venue:  Stemps
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
Runner Up:  Ray Huskisson
Third:  Keith Hughes


There was an overnight frost but fortunately Stemps was not frozen. The path over to the fishery was frozen and this aided the walk over. It was helped by the extra tree clippings that Nelson had laid down but unfortunately the walk back was not so good with the ground thawing out and also the rain. The match was fished in windy but dry conditions until the last hour when it started to rain. Seven anglers turned up and again we used the most successful pegs.On peg 15, which was also the Golden Peg, was Vince Herringshaw who weighed in 35-9-0 to easily win the match and the Golden Peg money for the second time this season. Vince caught four pound of silverfish on the whip coupled with seven carp weighing thirty one pounds. One of the carp was caught on the feeder with the rest caught on the pole. Vince caught the carp and some silverfish by the brambles to the left of his swim on pinkies or maggots. The rest of the silverfish were caught on the whip.

The other favourite carp peg is number 1 and fishing this was Ray Huskisson who caught a pound and a half of silverfish coupled with 5 carp to weigh in 15-15-4 and take second place. Ray used a method feeder with pellet as bait to catch the carp.

In third place was Keith Hughes, on Peg 2, who caught 1 carp plus 6 pound of skimmers to weigh in 8-6-12. The carp was caught close in by the brambles and the skimmers in the main track.

Overall there was a tie for the Kingsbury Tankard with two anglers, Keith Hughes and Vince Herringshaw both having come first and third in the two leg competition. Vince won the trophy by virtue of the heavier overall weight.

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Pegs 15 and 1 were the top pegs on the day with Vince (left) on Peg 15 out gunning Ray on Peg 1