Match Report

Match:  M Sampson Trophy
Venue:  The Granary
Winner:  Vince Herringshaw
20 Points
Runner Up:  Keith Hughes
17 Points (Heavier weight)
Third:  Steve Simmonds
17 Points


This was the first day match we have held on The Granary for some years but it was known that there were large numbers of rudd plus carp of various sizes present following the earlier evening match. This match was set up as a carp match and a silverfish (ie non-carp) match with the points from each of these being totalled to give the overall winner. One angler was pegged at the shallow end nearest the dip with three pegged down the Golf course side and two down the other side. Most anglers used a whip to catch the rudd with the challenge being how much time to spend catching them. Either the pole or feeder were used to fish for the carp. Although one double figure carp was landed there were several lost notably by Ray Huskisson who was fishing the feeder.

Silverfish Match

Vince Herringshaw, who was late and had his peg picked for him, was pegged opposite the island and spent more time catching rudd than the other anglers and weighed in 7-13-0 of them to take first place.

Steve Simmonds was fishing the second peg on the Golf Course bank and caught 2-13-0 of rudd to take second place.

In third place Keith Hughes who was fishing next to Vince and weighed in 2-6-8.

All the anglers used whips with maggots as bait

Carp Match

Vince also won this leg of the match catching 5 carp on meat or pellet on the pole to weigh in 29-7-0. His heaviest carp weighed 10-12-0.

Vince with his 10lb 12oz Carp that helped him win the Carp Match

Keith caught 9 carp on the pole weighing 25-8-0. These were caught on worm fished over chopped worm or on paste. Keith also lost several bigger carp in the branches that would have given him a winning weight.

In third place was Steve who caught 10 carp, again on the pole on maggot or corn, weighing 18-8-0.

Keith had some nice Carp
Steve also had ten Carp in his bag

Overall Keith Hughes is leading the Clubman (140 points), Matchman (1203) and Weight competitions ( 283-12-4) from Vince Herringshaw with 120 points, 660 points and 152-14-4 respectively.