Match Report

Match:  Moss Cup 3rd Leg
Venue:  Coultershaw
Winner:  Cody Hughes
Runner Up:  Mick Greenway
Third:  Steve Simmonds


The third leg of the Moss Cup was fished at Coultershaw on the Rother on another warm sunny evening. As usual the match was a walk-off with anglers in the first field, in the fenced off riffle area, at the junction of the stream and river and the Mill stream just down from the turbine. One of the good signs in all the matches on the Rother is the number of gudgeon caught which is a good sign for the quality of the water.

Cody Hughes was fishing in the Mill stream and caught a 5lb plus bream on the pole. This coupled with some roach, perch and dace gave him a weight of 6-3-0 to win the match.
Cody proudly displays his match winning bream

Cody proudly displays his match winning bream

Mick Greenway was in second place and he was fishing the Crate Swim within the fenced off section. He trotted a stick float to catch dace, roach, gudgeon and a chublet to weigh in 5-4-0.

Steve Simmonds was fishing the swim where the stream joins the main river. Normally this is fished using the pole but unfortunately Steve found that he had forgotten a section of his pole when he unpacked his holdall. So Steve used rod and line to trot a float to catch 4-0-8 of roach and dace.

After three legs of the Moss Cup Mick Greenway ( 28 points) leads from Steve Simmonds (25points).